๐Ÿ’กWhat we do

ShareMint makes it easy for web3 businesses to set up a referral or affiliate program. We also provide a web3 affiliate network.

For Brands

Launch your referral program in two minutes using ShareMint. Enjoy the benefits:

  • Incentivize your community - turn your community into your best marketers. Reward community members when they share your product with their others, earning a percentage of the revenue they generate.

  • Attract external affiliates - add your web3 affiliate program to ShareMint's affiliate marketplace to get exposure to our affiliate network. Web3 focused publishers are looking for opportunities to support quality projects and earn income while doing so.

  • Target a focused audience - offer higher affiliate rewards for affiliates that successfully refer a a web3 address with certain on-chain criteria. For example, a web3 gaming studio can offer bigger rewards for referring addresses that hold gaming related NFTs.

For Publishers

Web3 publishers can monetize their audiences by sharing web3 projects. Publishers can find opportunities to work with web3 brands using ShareMint's affiliate marketplace. ShareMint works for all type of publishers:

  • Affiliate marketers - affiliates can share ShareMint affiliate links to earn revenue for successful conversions.

  • Influencers - influencers can share web3 projects they like with their followers and earn an income in the process.

  • Web3 brands - web3 brands are the new publishers. Web3 brands can become affiliates for other web3 businesses and share their affiliate link with their communities. The revenue generated from affiliate related purchases can be used as a revenue stream for the brand, or towards a community fund.

Video Overview

Check out our one-minute video demo of the platform:

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