Partner Program

Details on the ShareMint partner program
ShareMint partners are a curated list of web3 projects, communities and content creators.
How it works
When an affiliate or referral campaign is launched on ShareMint, the owners are able to see the list of partners and invite those they would like to partner with to join as affiliates. When a partner is chosen, they will receive an email informing them about the partnership details. The partner can approve the invitation or reject it (either by clicking reject or ignoring it). When the invitation is approved, the partner becomes an affiliate. They get a unique referral url they can share with their community or followers.
The partner will earn the affiliate rewards set by the campaign owners for every purchase/mint that comes from their community. The revenue generated from these purchases can go to:
  • The partner.
  • A community fund, controlled by the community.
  • Charity.
Example scenario
”Community” is a a big community of gamers, they are listed as partners.
”Game” is a new web3 game, launching a web3 referral program on ShareMint in order give their marketing a boost. Their mint price is 0.2 ETH and they set up the affiliate rewards to 10%.
  • After creating a campaign, Game looks at the list of partners and believes Community is a good fit for partnership as Community’s gaming theme matches with the users Game is looking to acquire. Game sends Community an invitation to partner.
  • Community receives an email about the offer. They decide Game is of high quality and that they would like to partner. Community approves the invitation.
  • Community gets their referral url for Game’s upcoming mint.
  • Community shares their referral url with their followers. Those that learn about Game’s mint from Community become referees, referred by Community.
  • 50 mints come from Community’s followers, generating 50 * 0.2 ETH = 10 ETH for Game.
  • After the mint ends, Game pays all affiliates, generating 10 ETH * 10% = 1 ETH for Community.
The Benefits
For projects launching a referral program - Partner with top names in the space and increase your reach by 100x.
For partners - Receive invitations to partner with top upcoming projects directly to your email. Utilize revenue sharing partnerships to earn extra revenue.
Soon, in addition to revenue sharing, more partnership types will be available for partners.
You can learn more about the ShareMint partners program here.
Apply to become a partner here.