๐Ÿ’ธSupport for fiat payments

ShareMint supports for fiat payments via our API.

To use this feature visit the Admin page of your project. In the section you can get an API access key. This key is secret and allows you to add payments made in fiat.

The API endpoint to add a fiat payment is:

POST https://sharemint.xyz/api/external/save-payment

With data:

slug: string
apiSecret: string
invitedById: string
value: string
quantity?: string
address?: string
email?: string

slug is the ShareMint project slug.

apiSecret can be found on the project's Admin page.

invitedById is the referral code of the user that referred this payment.

value is the amount paid in US Dollars.

quantity is the quantity of items purchased. Optional and defaults to 1.

address is the purchaser's crypto wallet address.

email is the purchaser's email address.

One of address or email is required.

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