๐ŸŽฐReferee Requirements

The power of our referral platform isn't just in the simple ability to invite others to join your project. It extends to its advanced capabilities, allowing you to track and reward based on various intricate criteria. Our Advanced Referee Requirements feature lets you do just that, providing you with the ability to define and monitor sophisticated event sequences.

What are Advanced Referee Requirements?

While simple requirements might only involve the act of inviting a friend to your project and them making a minimum purchase, advanced requirements are far more diverse and flexible.

For example, you may want to monitor a smart contract event like staking or trading. But rather than considering the full volume of the trade, you're only interested in a portion of the revenue that the protocol earns. Advanced referee requirements can be set up to capture these more nuanced activities.

Advanced referee requirements can also be API event-driven. That means you can track events in other systems and use those as part of your referral criteria.

Setting Eligibility Thresholds

Not only can you monitor a vast range of events, but you can also set thresholds for these events that need to be passed for a referee to be considered eligible. For instance, you could require a user to stake a minimum amount of currency or achieve a particular level in a game.

Combining Multiple Events

The Advanced Requirements feature also enables the combination of multiple events to form a sequence or series of tasks. For instance, you could require a user to unlock five treasure chests, level up three times, and stake 1 ETH. Only when all of these tasks are completed does the referee meet the requirement.

Read on to learn about the different requirement types and how to use each one.

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