Referee Sign Up Page

Once an affiliate has signed up they will receive a link to share with others.
This link can point to three different page types:
  1. 1.
    ShareMint page
  2. 2.
    Direct website integration
  3. 3.
    HeyMint page
You set this when creating a project. You can later change this in the project Settings tab.

ShareMint page

If you select "ShareMint page" users will be sent to a ShareMint website where they will be asked to connect their wallet.
You can also ask them to complete other steps before gaining access, such as following you on Twitter, liking tweets, being part of a Discord, or inviting others to the project. This is common in allowlists for NFT mints. You can also ask for a user's email at this stage.
Once a user has completed these steps they can be directed to a new url. For example, you might ask the user to connect their wallet and immediately send them to a page to complete their purchase.

Direct website integration

If you select this option you will need to integrate ShareMint into your website. The integration is two lines of code and should be easy for your developer to add. For more on integrating directly into your website, see the Integrating ShareMint into your Website page.

HeyMint page makes it easy to handle allowlists for your NFT launch. You can use this as an alternative to using a ShareMint page for your allowlist. When using this option you will also need to create a project on the HeyMint website. You will have an option to add your ShareMint slug on the HeyMint project setup page. This will enable referrals to your HeyMint page to be tracked via ShareMint.