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Getting Started

Set up your referral program in minutes
Watch this video or follow the links below to get started:
Creating a project on ShareMint
Step 1: Creating your project
To create your project sign up to ShareMint, choose "Creator", and click "Create Project". You will be guided through the steps to create the project.
If you've already signed up as an affiliate you can switch to Creator mode by clicking the button in the top right hand corner and clicking Switch Account Type. You can switch back whenever you like.
Step 2: Inviting affiliates to your project
You will find a link for affiliates to sign up to your project on your project dashboard. You can also add affiliates to the project manually or via our API.
Step 3: Inviting users to your project
Affiliates share a link with users to join the project. This page can be a ShareMint page or a direct page to your website after you've integrated the ShareMint SDK.
Step 4: Inviting your team
Once the project is set up you can invite others by going to the Admin tab and adding the Ethereum addresses of your choice.