๐Ÿ’ตBulk Payouts

Payout all users in one click.

ShareMint makes it easy to payout all your affiliates in a single click via the Payouts page of your project.

We show you who you still need to pay, who you've paid already, and how much you've paid to each affiliate.


We do not offer bulk payout support for Solana. We do provide you with all the data for who to payout but the payouts themselves you will have to handle yourself.

Custom EVM Chains

For custom EVM chains the support for mass payouts is dependent on your exact chain and you should get in touch with our team to check whether we can support payouts for your chain. At a minimum your chain will need to support the Disperse contract. But if it doesn't already, it's easy to deploy the contract to your chain.

Automated payouts

If you prefer to pay out affiliates automatically, you can add code to your smart contract to allow this to happen. The advantage is that affiliates will be paid faster. The disadvantage is that this can lead to bugs and requires changes to your contract.

The advantage of using a single click payout system that allows you to pay when you choose is that you can first see everything is in order before you make the payout. You don't have to make any smart contract changes to support payouts.

You can use both systems together and we're happy to assist you make changes to your smart contract for payouts as necessary.

Manually mark payouts

We offer the ability to manually mark a payout as processed so if you decide to pay them via a different method you can still update the accounting on the ShareMint platform.

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